The Back Pain Correction Protocol

Online training to beat back pain

THE Back Pain Correction Protocol

Online training to beat back pain

The Back Pain Correction Protocol™

The Back Pain Correction Protocol™  is a 4 step Protocol designed banish back pain for good.

Step 1. Is a thorough evaluation of your whole body to discover what other areas in your body could be contributing to your back pain.
Step 2.  Takes you through specific exercises to strengthen and relax your back.
Step 3. Combines the new movement you have in your body with the new strength you have in your spine.
Step 4. Shows you how to safely add functional and natural movements to your life so you can live the life you've been missing out on.

The Back Pain Correction Protocol™ is online with downloadable guides.  It can be done from the comfort of your own home at your own pace using only what you have in your house. You will gain new insights into how your back works in conjunction with the rest of your body and what to do if you experience a flair up.

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In this video you will discover:

  • The reason normal doctor care doesn't work for back pain 
  • Why MRIs have been shown to be useless or even dangerous for back pain
  • Why exercising core muscles to help back pain is a myth
  • How strong, mobile feet might be the key to banishing back pain
  • ​A 4 Step Process that could help you beat back pain.
  • ​and more....


We love our community!  We support all our clients with access to back pain professionals, unlimited emails and our private FB forum where you can learn from and share with others going through the program

Your are not alone.  Thousands or people just like you have used our programs to banish their pain.

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What Our Patients Are Saying
"After $1000s on a variety of treatments ranging from acupuncture to chiropractic with out success I tried taking control and doing some exercises.  After a few short weeks my back felt better than it had in years, it was shocking to have that result in such a short time."
Adrian, Canada
“Over the last year I have seen Ed for a variety of complaints ranging from neck pain to scoliosis. His treatments somehow blend a healthy dose of science with the more spiritual aspects of healing. I always feel energized, refreshed and in less pain after seeing him."
Tim, Canada
"After a back injury stopped me from doing all my activities . This course provided me with a wealth of information and helped uncover the causes behind my injury (mainly my hip). Ed's rehab exercises are now a part of my self-care routine which keeps performing at my best."
Leslie, USA
"I decided to try the program after I still had weakness and pain in my legs for 4 years after 2 disc surgeries
It helped me a lot. I still have occasional pain but I’m as active as I want to be and I’m looking forward to the future."
Richard, Canada
“The Protocol helped me identify how my old foot and knee injuries where affecting my ability to balance and therefore making my back worse. After following daily exercises for my foot and knee, my back got better and I felt more stable, like my old self again."
Matt, Canada
"I have been going to Pilates-type PT for over three years and never got the relief from neck pain that I have received from a month of doing these exercises."
Sharon, USA
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